Photoshop is a popular photo editing application that is trusted by photographers, graphic workers, technicians, designers thanks to its rich feature system.

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8 Basic Features



This is a tool that allows us to edit horizontal, vertical or 180 rotations depending on your preferences through the features available on the Menu Bar. To open Transform, press CTRL + T.



It allows you to display rulers around the image, to help you shape the image better, to display the ruler we press CTRL + R.


Magnetic Lasso Tool

In the Lasso Tool toolkit, the Magnetic Lasso tool is an easy-to-use tool for the newest person. This is also a feature that many users prefer.


Magic Wand Tool

The most divine and preferred tool for those who have just learned how to crop photos, Magic Wand basically delineates the subject in color and removes it. The lower the image, the easier it is to use Magic Wand.


Custom Shape Tool

It's a pretty cool tool, allowing you to create shapes with many different patterns to decorate your images.


Horizontal Hype Tool

Also known as a simple and familiar name rather than Text, the tool allows us to add text to the image. To display the text editing panel for Text, you have to go to Windows> Character.


Spot Healing Brush Tool

In simple terms, this tool allows us to duplicate the pixels in the range around the target to synchronize that pixel with the surrounding objects.


Dodge Tool

The Dodge tool allows you to lighten the selected area, and there are also 3 other advanced features that have the same effect as making the image brighter.

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