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Some notable new features in Adobe Photoshop CS6:

* User interface:

The default main color scheme is changed to black-gray by Adobe, which is similar to the mainstream tones of Lightroom and Premiere Pro, making the images more vivid on a dark background.

* Operation:

Adobe Mercury Graphics Engine will erase the frustrating feeling of waiting for the program to load a large amount of images. Processing time of editorial processes is shortened.

* Video editing:

Designed to bridge the Apple iMovie program and Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop's video editing capabilities include drag / drop positions. Only available for the first time in Photoshop, this function is only in the "primitive" form, not really the "key factor" at this launch.

* Automatic control:

 A series of new automatic control and calibration functions are very attractive, suitable for "dreamers" when processing images. Using a database of hundreds of thousands of images processed manually by professional photographers, an algorithm calculates the correction values ​​for each photo.

Auto Levels function can now adjust each color channel separately, avoid changing colors and losing image data.

* Blur:

Iris shadow shading tool can easily change the depth of image. The tilt-shift filter works similarly to its effects and allows control of blurred areas from night shots.

* Adjust lens (wool):

An adaptive wide-angle filter can help straighten winding lines, often as a by-product of wide-angle lenses. Users draw tiles to correct inappropriate objects, such as buildings or trees.

* Content-Aware:

Removing an object from the image is now a very simple operation. Photoshop CS6 will analyze the image, the processing tool uses Content-Aware algorithm to fill the empty area of ​​the object that has just been removed naturally.

Simply understood, Content-Aware moves objects in the selection and converts them to a new location, filling the image background and blending objects into new locations.

* Image layer (Layer):

There are a few new image layer filters and a very useful search function for graphic designers who regularly handle files with several hundred layers.

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Instructions to install and Crack Adobe Photoshop CS6:

- You install it as Trial Mode, If you have to Sign In then you choose Create New Account and then register an account, email fill is also confused because not confirmed.

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- Enter the amtlib.dll folder 32-bit or amtlib.dll 64-bit copy the amtlib.dll file to the installation directory. The default installation directory is: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS6.

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System requirements: Adobe Photoshop CS6

- Operating system: Windows Xp / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10

- 64Bit (x64) or 32Bit (x86)

- RAM: 1 GB

- Hard drive: 1GB

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